Thursday, August 12, 2004

More La Nova

Monday I went to a LYS that I had only been to once before and had not purchased anything. I went in search of Addi turbos, which I got, but while there I noticed a clearance table. They had some Debbie Bliss cotton wool for 50% off and also a yarn I had never seen before. It's Schachenmayr La Nova and that is the color I ended up getting. It was half off so I paid $9 for two balls. As soon as I got home I started working on a simple garter stitch scarf with it. It's actually the first scarf I have ever knit, which I think is probably pretty strange. The yarn is so cool in it's varying colors and also carying fibers. Most people have probably already seen it but I never had. It alternates between a cotton ribbon and a viscose ribbon as it changes shades of blue. I am just about to the end of my first ball and I am obviously going to need more. The LYS had a ton of it so I'm not too worried about it all being gone when I get there. I won't get there until tomorrow at the earliest though. Tonight we have to go buy Doodle Bug some ballet slippers.

While at Target yesterday I noticed that they had the 66 gallon plastic containers on sale for $6 so I bought one. The small container I have been using for my yarn had twice as much outside as it did inside it. I'm expecting a pretty big amount of Noro Kureyon before too long from the wonderfully destashing Jaimi and now I have a place to put it. Oh, and I haven't even put the shipment of Cascade Fixation I got this week into the box. Aren't I such a lucky girl!

Last but not least, I signed up for the Secret Pals 3 group. I'm really excited about this. I love buying things for other people when I can, even more than for myself.


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