Friday, August 27, 2004

String Theory Fiber Arts

As you can see, my blog is under construction. I promise it will be newer, better, and easier to read soon.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I finished Camden's cotton-ease sweater. I've decided to call it Catalina because it looks to me like she should be on a yacht in her soft little boat neck sweater.

Here's a close up of Catalina. It's a pretty simple disign I made up on the fly. Just st st with a slipped stitch edge so that it would be a bit easier to seam up for me. The bottom detail is Jiffy in "sunshine".

I wanted to get a pic of the cabled looking edgeing but Cam wouldn't stand still. So is the life of an almost 3 year old. She likes wearing her "arn" though so I'm pleased.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Today was the big day! First ballet class. Doesn't Sierra look beautiful?

She was nervous when she woke up, thinking about this new thing. She even said to Camden at one point during the day, "Cam, you have to be nice to me, today I have to go to ballet." Like it was some tragedy she needed gentle care over. In the end things weren't so bad though. She loved it. Bunches. The only issue we had was how very bad Camden wanted to be in ballet too. So we've decided that she will have her own ballet class too. Can you believe it, that'll mean that if Sierra is in the morning class in school I will have one hour per week totally and completely to myself. Just imagine all the knitting and coffee drinking I could get done!

This is Camden sitting as close as she can to the room in which Sierra is having ballet.

This is Camden telling her Mommy that she will not be quiet and move away from the ballet door. I think she may even be giving me the finger, but I'm hoping that was a coincidence.

While at the ballet school J got a call from his brother, another J, and we got some good news. J and his wife A (I know, strange, another J and A) got a call from The Gladny Center today and they are getting a baby. They had been feeling like the baby they had their hopes up about wouldn't end up coming to them but as of tomorrow they get to go pick up their 7 week old son who they will be naming Daylon after A's father. This is so exciting to me. I'm going to be Aunt A!!! Won't it be so fun having a tiny little baby to knit for? I even cast on for some Debbie Bliss baby booties this evening to celebrate the event.

Monday, August 23, 2004

This is the Nemo birthday cake I made for my girls. Their birthdays are 1 week apart so we are having two parties but they are both for both of them. Cami chose the "meemo party" theme for the first party and Sierra chose "pretty pony party" for the second party.


I've been getting wonderful ecards from the lovely knitters on the Random Acts Of Kindness ring. It has been a wonderful nice thing after the in-law infested weekend I had. Don't get me wrong, I like my in-laws, but they throw things way out of whack when they are here. The children's routine goes right out the window and everyone ends up tired, cranky, and twisted around. Today we are all still cranky and working to recover.

I got to knit VERY LITTLE over the weekend other than the drive to the man's cousin's wedding on which I worked on my mykul scarf. Last night I did get a few rows on my often neglected lime sweater. I am hoping to finish it sometime before I have put on 100 lbs and can no longer fit it around me.

I'm thinking in my next post I will show off my Nemo birthday cake.